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Licia Corbella and Kylie

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Licia Corbella


Thank you for taking the time to visit my web page for the Kids Cancer Careís High Hopes Challenge, presented by Citytv.

Last year, our publisher at the Calgary Herald, Guy Huntingford, participated in the High Hopes Challenge. After hearing about his amazing experiences, I knew I wanted to share in the fun and friendship of this event. But, mostly, I HATE cancer and want to do more to help combat it for everyone Ė particularly children and their families.

I am thrilled that Kylie is my kid coach and I know Iíll learn a lot from her. Kylie is not only an expert when it comes to navigating the high ropes course; sheís also a shining example of bravery and wisdom. At just five years old, Kylie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And so began the fight of her life.

I am fortunate to be the mother of healthy twin boys and I canít imagine seeing either of them go through such a frightening and painful ordeal. In my mind, the words, kids and cancer, should never appear together. Unfortunately, all too often, they do. In Canada alone, some 1,500 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Some 300 of these children will not make it. Many of those who do survive will face life long disabilities that seriously impair their quality of life.

Kids Cancer Care camps have played a vital role in Kylieís recovery. Camp has helped her and other kids rebuild their confidence in themselves and in their bodies. It provides them with a healing community where they can stand tall in the face of their adversity and their disabilities. Itís a place where they can finally be kids.

As a journalist, I have the privilege of visiting incredible places and interviewing amazing people. Iíve been to Afghanistan and witnessed the kindness of our Canadian Troops. Iíve shared a moment with Mother Teresa. Iíve faced my own share of fear and challenges, but I have never known the challenges that kids like Kylie face.

Iím asking you today to join Kylie and me in our efforts to raise $10,000 to send children affected by cancer to camp. Every dollar counts! Letís show these kids that theyíre not alone and that weíre working with them, behind the scenes, to help them beat this disease.

Licia Corbella, Editorial Page Editor
Calgary Herald

Current donations: $12676.00

Meet Kylie. Fearless and adventurous are two words that describe this ear-wiggling young lady! As one of the only girls enrolled in Scouts, Kylie can tie a knot and build a fire as good as any outdoor explorer.


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